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Monday, April 5, 2010

NHL Power Rankin's (week of 4/5/10)

We're down to the last week of hockey for the season, and the Power Rankin's are starting to crystallize. There are no Big Movers anywhere in the Rankin's, just some minor jostling as teams ramp it up or wind it down getting ready for playoff hockey (or golf).

One of the most noteworthy items in this final week is that the New York Rangers have finally moved up one spot, to #22. With Philadelphia standing pat versus last week at #20, we've got a battle of two undeserving teams (i.e., 20, 22 > 16) for the final playoff spot on our hands. The good news for the rest of the hockey world's fans - whichever team wins the honor of the #8 spot will be gone, oh, 5 games into the postseason I'd say.

Out West, its a shame that Colorado continues to slide slowly, but surely, down the Rankin's. They put up a helluva fight all year long, but are fading fast both in this analysis and in the standings. Contrary to the East, where the 8 seed is doomed, it would be unfortunate if the Avs missed the playoffs because the West's 8 seed will get a chance to upset San Jose in the first round. I've seen San Jose bounce around the daily Power Rankin's updates all year long, and I am convinced that they are set for yet another inconsistent postseason effort that will lead to an early exit.

1) (1) Phoenix
2) (2) Washington
3) (4) Nashville
4) (6) Chicago
5) (3) San Jose
6) (9) Los Angeles
7) (7) Buffalo
8) (5) Detroit
9) (8) Vancouver
10) (11) Pittsburgh
11) (10) Colorado
12) (12) New Jersey
13) (13) Calgary
14) (15) Ottawa
15) (16) Anaheim
16) (14) St. Louis
17) (18) Montreal
18) (17) Boston
19) (19) Dallas
20) (20) Philadelphia
21) (21) Atlanta
22) (23) NY Rangers
23) (22) Minnesota
24) (24) Florida
25) (25) NY Islanders
26) (26) Carolina
27) (27) Columbus
28) (29) Edmonton
29) (28) Tampa Bay
30) (30) Toronto


  1. I'll be the first to admit my Rangers don't deserve a playoff spot. To be fair, everyone else in the East seem to be handing it to us. Of course, with the Rangers whooping the Flyers this Friday and Saturday, I imagine we might sneak in.


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