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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mr. March

Dave Babych

Every few months I like to go back in time to find an example of the potential for mustaches in the NHL today. The model I reference is the Great Dave Babych, complete with the caterpillar on his upper lip. Notice how perfectly trimmed it is and the lack of patchiness or holes. The great thing about a 'stache like this is you don't need a closeup (Miettinen) to see its potential. Babych shows a great deal of effort to complete the overall look of the mustache; notice the balding and chest hair. In doing this he accentuates the 'stache as the most noticeable hair on his head while making it appear thicker by showing sparse hair on other parts of his body. Oddly enough, despite common belief, the overall size of the 'stache has little to do with the art of it; in fact the size is merely based on the shape of the face, size of the head, and most importantly amount of hair in other places on the body.

I encourage you to come back to Bettman's Nightmare, if not for the surplus of blogs, to at least learn about mustaches in hockey.

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  1. You have it down to a science, I think.

    Gotta love that shy little gap-tooth peeking out from under the cookie duster.


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