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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Power Rankin's (week of 3/8/10)

The Olympics are over. The trade deadline is passed. Each team now has fewer than 20 games remaining. It's the stretch run, and the NHL Power Rankin's are here to light the way!

First off, I would like to thank Gary Bettman, the International Olympic Committee, the Trilateral Commission, the Heads of the Five Families, the Freemasons, the chief military commander at Area 51, and the Wizard of Oz for manipulating the goings-on of the hockey world during the past week in order to allow the Pittsburgh Penguins to take home this week's Big Mover award. The Pens are four-and-oh coming out of the Olympic break, Sidney Crosby is the current leader in the race for the Rocket Richard Trophy, and Alexei 'The Ukraine Train' Ponikarovsky (thanks, Steigey) is in Steeltahn generating mayhem in front of the net. I'd still take Washington to win a playoff series against Pittsburgh, but it won't be in four games straight.

On the flip side, Buffalo and New Jersey continue to fade in the Rankin's. Both team rank in the bottom five in terms of remaining strength of schedule, however, and both teams are facing serious challenges for their respective division titles. Their places in the Power Rankin's will tell the tale of how well they handle the pressure over these last few weeks of the season.

1) (1) Washington
2) (3) Phoenix
3) (2) San Jose
4) (5) Chicago
5) (6) Los Angeles
6) (4) Colorado
7) (14) Pittsburgh
8) (9) Vancouver
9) (7) Buffalo
10) (13) Detroit
11) (8) New Jersey
12) (11) Nashville
13) (12) Philadelphia
14) (15) Calgary
15) (10) Ottawa
16) (18) St. Louis
17) (16) Anaheim
18) (21) Montreal
19) (19) Boston
20) (17) Dallas
21) (20) Minnesota
22) (22) Atlanta
23) (23) NY Rangers
24) (25) Florida
25) (28) Carolina
26) (24) Tampa Bay
27) (26) NY Islanders
28) (29) Edmonton
29) (27) Columbus
30) (30) Toronto


  1. Now if only your boy Matt Cooke could take out a few more opponents, your path to the Cup would be secure.

  2. Matt Cooke is definitely NOT "my boy." If you ask me, the Penguins would be far better off without the likes of Matt Cooke and Chris Kunitz (and even sometimes Brooks Orpik). But, it just goes to show that if NHL teams continue to feel the need for on-ice policing, your eventually going to get moderately-skilled players with no conscience (see: Mike Richards).

    But why are we talking about Matt Cooke under the far more classy and high-brow heading of The Power Rankin's, anyway?

  3. It's a nice contemporary the NHL will be deliberating on head shots shortly (March 30th).

    I'm surprised the Rangers aren't lower on here. They DID just get shutout by Jose Theodore.

  4. I hate to be the one to inform you, dude, but the NHL GMs have been "deliberating on head shots" for a decade now. Next to the U.S. healthcare system, its the most-discussed and least-acted on concept in North American history.

  5. Exactly...because this will be the first time what they decide will actually matter (to the outside world).


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