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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Power Rankin's (week of 3/15/10)

There's really no easy way to put this: The Phoenix Coyotes stand alone atop the Power Rankin's.

As the results rolled in throughout the week, and Phoenix maintained their current 5-game winning streak including another shutout win (their 2nd in 4 games), I kept trying to figure out a way to break the news to all the hockey purists who hate the idea of ice hockey being played below the Mason-Dixon Line. The best I could come up with was that Gary Bettman has had this planned all along.

"This is a conspiracy, that's what this is. One. Big. Damn. Conspiracy!"

I figured that I could at least sell this line to Philadelphia phans, who know deep in their collective soul (Glo') that the whole goshdarned thing is one big conspiracy to keep them from celebrating a Stanley Cup homecoming 30 years in the making (well... 34 now going on 35, actually).

Yes, the NHL Power Rankin's have succumbed, and now do the bidding of Gary Bettman and his hatred of the City of Brotherly Love!


Just kidding. Its all completely numbers-based, dude. And no, there are no dummy variables involved where 1 = Black & Gold and 0 = Orange & Black.

On a lighter note, be mindful of Montreal's place in the Rankin's. While the Habs have a 5-game winning streak of their own going, and currently hold down a playoff spot, they lie at #17 in the NHL Power Rankin's (i.e., just outside the magical 53.33% of NHL teams that make the post-season each year). Similarly - but in reverse - St. Louis is on this inside looking out, if you will (#15 but 5-points out of the West's 8th seed).

P.S. - The Power Rankin's has Pittsburgh beating Purdue in the NCAA tournament. Remember, you heard it here first.

1) (2) Phoenix
2) (1) Washington
3) (4) Chicago
4) (3) San Jose
5) (5) Los Angeles
6) (8) Vancouver
7) (6) Colorado
8) (7) Pittsburgh
9) (9) Buffalo
10) (12) Nashville
11) (10) Detroit
12) (11) New Jersey
13) (14) Calgary
14) (13) Philadelphia
15) (16) St. Louis
16) (15) Ottawa
17) (18) Montreal
18) (17) Anaheim
19) (19) Boston
20) (21) Minnesota
21) (20) Dallas
22) (23) NY Rangers
23) (22) Atlanta
24) (24) Florida
25) (25) Carolina
26) (27) NY Islanders
27) (26) Tampa Bay
28) (29) Columbus
29) (28) Edmonton
30) (30) Toronto

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  1. Don't you know we always have reinforcing arguments? The NHL is rigged to keep the 'Yotes in Phoenix by throwing the games to them. Evidence? Evidence is for sissies...


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