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Friday, July 16, 2010

Free Agent Fiesta: Blog Cosby's Picks

Needless to say I think the signings this year have been pretty lame, but since I feel I should point out the ones that show less lameness than the rest, here are my picks:

Jaroslav Halak to the Blues
The Blues saw the capabilities of Halak in the playoffs, and they know how Mason played when Nashville was a playoff contender. This is a clear steal for a team that was in need of a change. Mason is a good goalie, but he didn't have enough, and his age is climbing beyond repair. Halak is young, shows great talent and very little sign of Raycroftism. This pickup will aid the ever long struggles of the Blues and their hopes for becoming a playoff contender by giving them a goaltending foundation that can easily serve them for many years. I have no clue why Montreal seems to think Auld and Price are going to satisfy them, but I guess sometimes you just make bad decisions and then you have to live with them.

Least Favorite
Christopher Higgins to the Panthers
Seriously? Has no one figured out that this guy's talent has faded with every move? Sure he had 52 points a few seasons ago, but he hasn't begun to show that anywhere else. The difference between Higgins and a player like Saku Koivu is that Koivu consistantly puts up 50-60 points season after season...Higgins did it once by miracle, or maybe he had a little help from Mr. Koivu, Streit, and Markov...Oh, yeah those guys. He's getting to the age that your hoping for a Tim Thomas breakout.

Dark-Horse Signing
P.A. Parenteau to the Islanders
I'm not sure why the Ducks like to make it a habit of trading away promising prospects, but here's one who's never been given a chance. Sure he's a 9th round pick, but he has shown great numbers in the AHL over the years and has great stickhandling skills that can aid a team in need of something. Finally he's on a team that will play him and I think you may all be amazed at what he will do this year on the second line of the Islanders...yes that's my prediction.


  1. Glen Sather, in his infinite wisdom, decided Parenteau was expendable. So we spent on The Booger instead.

    To be fair, Parenteau disappeared at times, and isn't fast for a small guy.

    As for Higgins, I couldn't agree more. To think of all the potential in the AHL that's been held down by this guy is staggering.

  2. From AHL to second line of the Islanders would be a sizable career change, even for a guy with 358 points in 415 AHL games like stickhandler Parenteau had. However this guy has had his NHL debut previously and was sent back. Still, his 22 games with the Rangers last season were prosperous (2009-10). I hope you're correct because anyone who is adept at stickhandling is an asset.


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