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Sunday, March 21, 2010

NHL Power Rankin's (week of 3/22/10)

Its officially no longer a fluke, ladies and gentlemen (and Flyers fans): The Phoenix Coyotes are for real. For the 2nd straight week, the bane of hockey purists' existence stand atop the completely objective NHL Power Rankin's. They do so convincingly, as well, as the 'yotes rank no lower than 5th out of 30 teams in any of the 5 component indices comprising the Rankin's. Phoenix is on a 9 game winning streak, they lead the Pacific division with less than a dozen games remaining, they continue to win even as the pressure ratchets up as we approach the playoffs, and it is this observer's opinion that they have some of the best goaltending in the game. I'm not picking them to win the West yet, but if they get the right draw...

Nashville (another of those darned Gary Bettman plants designed to destroy Olde Tyme Hockey), takes home this week's Big Mover award, vaulting into the top 5 at #4 - up from 10th spot a week ago. Nashville just beat out their downside counterpart, Ottawa, who slid 5 spots during the week to number 21. Things are not going well in the capital.

Atlanta is also on the move after a home-and-home sweep against the Flyers and their problem-laden netminding condition. It was right before the Olympic break that my models had Atlanta stealing the 8th spot in the East. With Montreal playing well these days, I would pull things together quick if I were Boston & Philly.

1) (1) Phoenix
2) (2) Washington
3) (3) Chicago
4) (10) Nashville
5) (6) Vancouver
6) (5) Los Angeles
7) (4) San Jose
8) (9) Buffalo
9) (7) Colorado
10) (11) Detroit
11) (8) Pittsburgh
12) (12) New Jersey
13) (13) Calgary
14) (17) Montreal
15) (18) Anaheim
16) (15) St. Louis
17) (14) Philadelphia
18) (23) Atlanta
19) (21) Dallas
20) (19) Boston
21) (16) Ottawa
22) (20) Minnesota
23) (23) NY Rangers
24) (24) Florida
25) (25) Carolina
26) (26) NY Islanders
27) (28) Columbus
28) (27) Tampa Bay
29) (29) Edmonton
30) (30) Toronto

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  1. Now if only winning resulted in old wrinkly retirees in Phoenix actually going to the games...Phoenix is dead-last in the league in average attendance (by over 1,000!). Predators and Thrashers are 26th and 28th, respectively.


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