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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Power Rankin's (week of 2/15/10)

The Olympic break will give most of the league a well-earned respite for the next couple of weeks. But for now, I give you what you've all been waiting for for 7 whole days, The Power Rankin's - Vancouver Olympics Edition!

The Caps stumbled ever so slightly during the past week after a run bested in the modern day only by the 1993 Pittsburgh Penguins' 17-game win streak. Although the West's top teams could not capitalize to take over the top spot in the Rankin's, the top 3 positions in this week's edition are as close as we have seen them, statistically-speaking.

The Philadelphia Flyers take home this past week's Big Mover award, entering the Olympic Break on a 4-game winning streak and impressing with back-to-back home-and-home sweeps over New Jersey and Montreal. Calgary, on the other hand, fell 5 spots as teams like Ottawa and Philly surged.

Phoenix remains the only team in the NHL to hold a top-10 position in all five component indices of the Power Rankin's. San Jose, however, has crept up to grab the #1 overall spot in the Strength of Victory, Strength of Loss, and Goaltending Quality categories. Throw in Los Angeles, which ranks out of the top 10 in only Goaltending Quality, and Anaheim's and Dallas' battles for the final playoff spot in the West (currently straddling the playoff positioning bubble at 16 & 17 in the Power Rankin's, respectively), and you've got a Pacific Division that really sets up for an exciting finish.

1) (1) Washington
2) (4) San Jose
3) (2) Phoenix
4) (6) Colorado
5) (3) Chicago
6) (5) Los Angeles
7) (7) Buffalo
8) (8) New Jersey
9) (9) Vancouver
10) (12) Ottawa
11) (11) Nashville
12) (16) Philadelphia
13) (15) Detroit
14) (13) Pittsburgh
15) (10) Calgary
16) (14) Anaheim
17) (17) Dallas
18) (20) St. Louis
19) (22) Boston
20) (18) Minnesota
21) (19) Montreal
22) (21) Atlanta
23) (25) NY Rangers
24) (23) Tampa Bay
25) (24) Florida
26) (26) NY Islanders
27) (28) Columbus
28) (27) Carolina
29) (29) Edmonton
30) (30) Toronto

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  1. I'd like to groan about the Rangers always being so low on this list, but then I realize they are that bad.

    But we did beat the Pens this weekend...


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