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Monday, February 1, 2010

Burke and Giguere, Together Again

After a contract signing of Jonas Hiller, we all saw the departure of Giguere inevitable. And who else than a team that is in dire need of a goalie as well as a team with Giguere's ex-GM.

Ducks get:
-Jason Blake
-Vesa Toskala

Leafs get:
-J.S. Giguere

This trade is great; the Ducks get dead weight off their back and gain a great backup netminder and an old fart to play with the other geezers. Giguere needs a fresh start;  he managed to pull a dead duck out of the water once upon a time, maybe this time he'll put the leaf back on the tree.  Burke will restart his love affair with Giguere having traded away most of the Leafs' point-getters in return for an overrated D-man to "protect" Giguere.   As for Toskala...what can I really say: "Whoop." As a Ducks fan I applaud Giguere and everything he did for the team.

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  1. What's more, Giguere gets reunited with his old goalie coach.


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