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Friday, January 8, 2010

Projected 2009-2010 Final Standings (midseason report)

Take an NHL team's up-to-the-minute season performance, weight its remaining games by its remaining strength of schedule, and throw in a time-weighted extrapolation of that team's much-noted "Last 10 Games" performance and what do you get? Why, a midseason projection of the final 2009-2010 NHL season standings, that's what.

Eastern Conference
1) New Jersey Devils (126 pts.; Atlantic Division Champion; President's Trophy winner)
2) Buffalo Sabres (119 pts.; Northeast Division Champion)
3) Washington Capitals (109 pts.; Southeast Division Champion)
4) New York Rangers (97 pts.)
5) Boston Bruins (97 pts.)
6) Philadelphia Flyers (91 pts.)
7) Montreal Canadiens (91 pts.)
8) Ottawa Senators (89 pts.)
9) Pittsburgh Penguins (87 pts.)
10) Tampa Bay Lightning (84 pts.)
11) New York Islanders (83 pts.)
12) Florida Panthers (75 pts.)
13) Atlanta Thrashers (72 pts.)
14) Toronto Maple Leafs (69 pts.)
15) Carolina Hurricanes (61 pts.)

Western Conference
1) Chicago Blackhawks (125 pts.; Central Division Champion)
2) San Jose Sharks (124 pts.; Pacific Division Champion)
3) Vancouver Canucks (111 pts; Northwest Division Champion)
4) Calgary Flames (104 pts.)
5) Nashville Predators (101 pts.)
6) Phoenix Coyotes (100 pts.)
7) Colorado Avalanche (94 pts.)
8) Detroit Red Wings (92 pts.)
9) Los Angeles Kings (90 pts.)
10) Dallas Stars (84 pts.)
11) Anaheim Ducks (79 pts.)
12) Minnesota Wild (78 pts.)
13) St. Louis Blues (74 pts.)
14) Columbus Blue Jackets (67 pts.)
15) Edmonton Oilers (57 pts.)


  1. I'm really surprised to see the Sens squeaking their way in, though the return of Alfredsson will do them some good. And is it safe to say that the Predators are equally (if not more) surprising?

  2. I actually had the Sens winning that division to open the year. I clearly underestimated the impact that the return of Ryan Miller would have.

  3. I'd say the senators will not quite make it, the bruins will be the eight seed and the penguins will make it.

    As for the west, I have confidence the Ducks will pull off there end of the season push for a playoff spot and I think the avalanche will realize they just don't have the defensive part down and fall out.


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