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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Power Rankin's (week of 2/1/10)

Not much in the way of big movers this week. The Ottawa Senators keep rising, and the New York Rangers keep falling. Will the Blueshirts remain ahead of the Isles as we head toward the Olympic break? Stay tuned to find out!

We do, however, have a new top team in the Rankin's - The Washington Capitals. I've had them penciled in as this year's Stanley Cup champs for about 2 months now, so this is one commentator who is not surprised that they have finally taken over the top spot in this venerable list.

The Caps lone weakness might be in net, however they do rank 12th in the Goaltending Quality component of the Power Rankin's. This compares with their eventual Stanley Cup Finals opponent Chicago's 24th position in that department, so I'm pretty confident of my assessment there. The only problem they face is if Ottawa wins the Northeast and the Caps are somehow pitted against Buffalo and a headstanding Ryan Miller in an early round. For the time being though, look for the Red to be Rockin' atop the Power Rankin's index for the coming weeks (and not just because of the Olympics-related temporary cessation of hostilities).

1) (3) Washington
2) (2) Phoenix
3) (1) Chicago
4) (5) San Jose
5) (6) Buffalo
6) (4) Colorado
7) (8) Vancouver
8) (7) New Jersey
9) (9) Los Angeles
10) (10) Pittsburgh
11) (15) Ottawa
12) (11) Nashville
13) (14) Philadelphia
14) (13) Detroit
15) (12) Calgary
16) (16) Anaheim
17) (19) Minnesota
18) (18) Dallas
19) (20) St. Louis
20) (17) Montreal
21) (22) Boston
22) (24) Florida
23) (25) Atlanta
24) (21) NY Rangers
25) (23) NY Islanders
26) (26) Tampa Bay
27) (28) Carolina
28) (29) Columbus
29) (27) Edmonton
30) (30) Toronto


  1. Jokinen's in town, baby, time to shoot up the Rankins!

  2. Phoenix lost their top scorer, Scottie Upshall, but I'll bet their scoring is so spread out it won't matter.

  3. Phoenix does rank 5th in the "Goal Scoring Depth" category, so while I'm sure Upshall's loss will hinder their progress toward the post-season, they ought to hang on to a top-ten spot through the Olympic break, at least - especially with Bryzgalov backstopping their efforts.


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