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Friday, October 8, 2010

New Format, I Think

So, to this point BN has been very analytical in nature, which works great when I have the time.  I don't.  I just started a PhD program and now I'm finding I have little energy to throw together data and info to be truly introspective and smartypants.  I still like having season previews and predictions, because it makes us feel good when we're right about Darrol Powe sucking (me) or riding the white horse into Flyers fans perversions (Forsberg, Weagz).  Same could be said about Mike Comrie (Rankin's) or Lube Visnovsky (Cosby), but I digress.

The new format is a frenetic, once-a-week mishmash of goals, a couple players to watch because they either suck a bit or rock a lot, sarcasm, and an update of our individual predictions versus where things really stand. Since Rankin's usually come out Sunday, I'll probably be doing mine on a Wednesday or Thursday.  When I have the time, I might throw in some random commentary or a deeper piece on something.

It's just popped into my head, so it's worth mentioning before I forget: Joe Thornton has a really tall face.


  1. Thornton's tall face coupled with Marleau's eyebrows and Heatley's wacky eye make it the most uncomfortable line in hockey. You think the more awkward you are the better hockey you play?
    Corey Perry - Dorky looking kid
    Ryan Getzlaf - Male pattern baldness
    Jason Spezza - Weirdo laugh
    Patrick Kane - White-trash mullethead
    Ilya Kovalchuk - Looks like a molested boy
    Marian Gaborik - Might have been the guy who molested him
    Taylor Hall - Have you seen his face? If you look closely enough you can see 'STUPID' written on his forehead.

  2. Can you imagine Geno Malkin, Taylor Hall, and Anze Kopitar on a line together. Woof.

    I always though Perry looked more snotty than anything.

    You might have uncovered the secret to San Jose's (regular season) success.

  3. I plan to put out an Anze Kopitar True Hollywood Story about his heroin addiction sometime this season. Think Behind the Music with less music but more cowbell.


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