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Friday, June 4, 2010


Breaking news:  David Koci has been signed to another half-year of 5-minute-a-game appearances, a guaranteed team-leading amount of penalty minutes, and a few blood donations to boot.  The Colorado Avalanche obviously feel that Koci and his 6 shots in 43 games are responsible for the strong play of their young core.  I mean, what else would explain giving him a roster spot over another younger, far more talented player?

Let's have a comparison, shall we?  The Bruins just resigned 32-year old enforcer Shawn Thornton, a guy who I generally consider your basic goon.  In 74 games this year, Thornton recorded the same number of goals (1) as Koci, but tallied 9 assists as well.  He took 119 shots, and spent 141 minutes in confession.  In 43 games, Koci had 1 goal, no assists, 84 pims, and the aforementioned 6 shots.  As Koci's mom might protest, little David has not received as much playing time as Thornton.  Ok, Gladys, I see your point; Koci had a miniscule 3 minutes a game to Thornton's 9.  So let's putz around with the numbers to bring them closer together...taking Koci's 6 shots in 43 games at 3 minutes a game, that equals 1 shot every 21-and-a-half minutes.  Thornton's 119 shots in 74 games at 9 minutes a game puts him at 1 shot every 5-and-a-half minutes.  Sorry, Mrs. Koci, but your son is useless.

You might remember that this argument of mine is nothing new; I just wanted to reiterate how terrible I think he is, and how much less value he contributes as oppose to not only younger players with more upside but even other goons.

Which brings me full circle to the initial question: Why?

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