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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How Do the BN Experts Look Right Now?

Well, I'm anxious to post something because I'm mid-good post and it isn't ready yet, but I have time to throw something up and there's so damn much to say how the playoffs have gone so far.  I'm feeling like a freakin' champ at the moment because the Kings are up 2-1 in the series, but you don't bet against The Sisters.  We've had some controversial hits to sort out, and a couple hundred OT games.  Just a few thoughts before we get to the brackets...

Andy Sutton's Check Was Legal

Jordan Leopold gets absolutely crushed on this play.  Why is it that when a guy like Lindros plays with his head down and gets hurt, nobody seems to care too much, but when someone like Leopold does, people get up in arms?  It reminds me of the second Booth concussion this year by Jaroslav Spacek, where you're thinking At what point in time did these guys stop thinking they would get hit when they have the puck?  This is still a big man's league, and if you're little this means your head needs to be on a swivel.  It also means that if you're little your head is going to be at the level of the hardest parts of any hitter, their tucked elbow and their butt (insert "hard-ass" joke here; insert "Matteau just used 'insert' and 'ass' in the same phrase" joke here).  I look at a guy like Marty St. Louis and here's a small guy that is not getting hit like that.  He plays a lot (only missed two games the last 8 years), I can't find a vid of him getting pwned without the check being away from the play, and even so we're not seeing the guy getting crushed.  Now, say what you will about the Southeast, but it's rarely been short of big hitters.  Ultimately, St. Louis is little, knows he's little, and plays like he knows he's little.  Of course, next year Jon Erskine (or some slow, ogre-ish equivalent) will check him to oblivion, but he's my example of heads-up hockey right now, damnit!

Dan Boyle Needs to Settle Down

I think that if there's one element of the play that Dan Boyle will still be thinking about later in his life, it will be trying to understand why he had such a sense of urgency on a relatively inconsequential play along the boards.  I leave the rest to (eternally) disgruntled Sharks fans.  Hell of a shot, though.

I Love Me Some OT
I don't want to overload this post with vids, so I'll just link them up to YouTube.  But it's always fun to watch the big goals.

San Jose 6 - Colorardo 5...Devin Setoguchi
Colorado 1 - San Jose 0...Dan Boyle
Vancouver 3 - Los Angeles 2...Mikael Samuelsson
Los Angeles 3 - Vancouver 2...Anze Kopitar
Montreal 3 - Washington 2...Tomas Plekanec
Washington 6 - Montreal 5...Nicklas Backstrom
Philadelphia 3 - New Jersey 2...Daniel Carcillo

So how are those BN experts looking now?

Colorado 2 games to San Jose's 1
- Expert: Cosby
- Receiver of Andy Sutton's Hate (RASH): Me, Weagz, Forsberg, Rankin

Chicago and Nashville knotted at 1 game apiece
- We are all experts

Los Angeles 2 games to Vancouver's 1
- Expert: Me, Forsberg
- RASH: Cosby, Weagz, Rankin

Phoenix 2 games to Detroit's 1
- Expert: ...
- RASH: All of us

Washington 2 games to Montreal's 1
- Expert: All of us
- RASH: ...

Philadelphia 2 games to New Jersey's 1
- Expert: Weagz, Rankin
- RASH: Me, Cosby, Forsberg

Boston 2 games to Buffalo's 1
- Expert: Rankin
- RASH: Me, Cosby, Weagz, Forsberg

Pittsburgh 2 games to Ottawa's 1
- Expert: Me, Cosby, Weagz, Forsberg
- RASH: Rankin

The BN Expert Rankings:
Weagz - 3-4
Me - 3-4
Rankin - 3-4
Forsberg - 3-4
Cosby - 3-4

...refreshingly consistent.

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  1. And yes, I know Leopold isn't extraordinarily little (6'1", 200 lbs.), but he's not very physical. Kind of the same way Booth is "little", actually.


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