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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Voting Galore!

Here at Bettman's Nightmare, we rail against the tyranny of the hierarchical, dictatorial NHL structure.  It's a thankless mission, though occasionally I've received an e-greeting (I can't verify it was for this; I can verify that now, whenever I open Excel, pictures of male genitalia consume my screen and shut down my computer).  Anyways...

In our little hockey community, we want to stage our own vote for the NHL player awards.  We're purposely holding this now to avoid any influence from the awards nominations.  So please, take part in the polls I've placed along the right side of the blog, and heed P. Diddy's advice.  In two weeks (ending April 10th), we'll tabulate.  In the meantime, we'll do our best to influence you in both negative, non-vote related ways (as per our mission) as well as positive, vote-related ways.

P.S. If you feel I've left someone out, mention it in the comments.  If someone "second's" it in the comments, I'll add them to the selections.


  1. I say add Burrows to the Selke nominees, and Connolly to the Masterton Nominees

  2. First off, you're missing the winner of the Selke, and that's Toews. And B) You've got to add Doughty to the Norris list, as he'll probably be one of the three candidates with Green, and Keith. And three, despite the abyssmal effort that is the Florida Panthers, you've got to give Vokoun some credit for his numbers on a piss poor team.

  3. Totally dropped the ball on the Doughty and Vokoun recommendations, I'll second that. Toews is a closer call, but if he's in I get to include Parise as well. Connolly gets seconded for sure, Burrows D-numbers are equal to Parise/Toews. The more the merrier.


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