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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Voting Galore! UPDATE

Okay, my simple mind ran into a couple of roadblocks to my plan.  For one, my dumbass forgot about Drew Doughty (and admittedly slighted a couple of other candidates).  In the process, I found that Google will not allow me to edit a poll after votes are made (which, in retrospect, makes perfect sense).  So, any of you that have already voted, if you could please vote again for the Norris, Selke, and Masterton, as I had a couple of changes to the lists.

Newcomers, please cast your votes for the awards listed in the right margin of the blog.

Finally, if you have suggestions for a player that I forgot in any of these lists, let me know in the comments for this post and pay attention to previous commenters (you might just have to "second" a previous person's suggestion).  I'll have to tabulate votes for forgotten players on my own notepad.  How primitive.

P.S. I have one vote for Vokoun as Vezina Trophy candidate.  So don't forget him.


  1. I forgot to mention, Cory Clouston will probably be the third candidate for the Jack. Personally I think Toews is the runaway favorite for the Selke. And I guess I can't second Vokoun.

  2. Clouston is duly noted...and I put Toews up there on the list. G2G.

  3. Current "Other" votes mentioned:
    Vezina - Tomas Vokoun, Panthers (1 vote)
    Selke - Jordan Staal, Penguins (1 vote)
    Adams - Cory Clouston, Senators (1 vote)


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