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Monday, March 22, 2010

My God, What's Happening to Me?

Just saw a great clip of the scrum at the end of the Wings-Pens game tonight:

You of course will note the frustrated Crosby cross-checking the hell out of Zetterberg, presumably because Zetterberg was doing what he always does: suffocate his opponents.  The fact that he got Crosby to that level of frustration and scored 2 goals, 1 assist, just brought me to newly-found admiration for Z.

And then Jimmy Howard goes and straight-up mugs Crosby from behind.  I'm already smitten with the guy because he's on my fantasy team, but he, like Z, had been shutting Crosby down all night and now this.

It's feelings like this that make me realize that, perhaps, I don't hate the Red Wings as much as I used to ("used to" being last year).  Somehow, they being a team fighting to get in the playoffs makes them more endearing.

For the record, I still don't like Todd Bertuzzi, Mike Babcock, or Tomas Holmstrom, but Rome wasn't built in a day.

My iciness is melting...Mr. Gorbachev...

P.S. And no, this does not make me a Reagan fan.


  1. First, someone explain to me why Zetterberg needed both Todd Bertuzzi AND Jimmy Howard to defend him against Sidney Crosby.

    Second, I am generally against the running of goaltenders - and vocally so. However, there is always the idea of netminders leaving their net that raises questions about how much goaltender contact should permissable. In this case, if Jimmy Howard decides to leave his net to defend his Eurotrash teammate, I am all for a Soul Glo' Hartnell-type run at him while play is stopped. Its like I said earlier this year about Jeff Carter, if you are going to violate the entire concept of what The Code is supposed to exist for (i.e., defending star talent from taking physical abuse), you deserve no protection under said-Code. And, hence, my position that the code is dead remains intact, and that position is consistently validated.

  2. You can be against it all you want, but people still run the goalie. So I stand up for goalies taking Ron Hextall-esque charges out of the net until that changes, especially when something like this happens.

    Z was fighting back, too, but everybody else wanted at Sid as well. So there was the opportunity, I guess.


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