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Friday, March 19, 2010

Just to Add Some Historical Perspective

I want to clear something up for all the "Doomsday-scenario" people that suggest the NHL is spiraling into an Armageddon of dangerous hits and suspend-able acts.  Take a look at this excellent little glimpse into the "best hits" of the 1980s:

Players received suspensions for almost none of these hits, and absolutely zero of these hits resulted in suspensions of 10 games or more.  So for as bad as the Wizzer hit was a few nights ago... had about 15 Wizzer hits in one measly compilation from the 1980s.  In other words, we have a much tamer league than we did 25 years ago.  An incident like Wayne Maki cracking open Ted Green's skull in 1969...

...would be so horrifying, it would make the response to McSorley's infamy...

...seem like a little buzz on the newswire.

In other words, it's becoming sensationalized, and the league admittedly has its head up its ass when it comes to suspension length.  It needs to simply nip this in the bud by coming into next season with rigid, announced parameters for suspend-able acts and suspension lengths.  And, an announcement that, though based off precedents, the league would consult the parameters rather than parallel incidents to levy its punishments.

P.S. Maki wasn't a "repeat" offender, by the way, and the incident was during a preseason game.


  1. Ahh, I loved that first video. Reminded me of when hockey was hockey.

  2. The hit that Dale Hunter puts on Joe Nieuwendyk at 4:44 in the first video is probably the worst I've ever seen.

  3. Hunter was not suspended for that hit, by the way.


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