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Friday, March 5, 2010

The Crosby Flop: Haven't I Seen This Somewhere?

So, as some of you know I cannot help but respond when something, ahem, "special" happens in a Rangers game.  Thus, last night's Sidney Crosby incident was a bit much for me.  Crosby, as most of us "Atlantickers" know, has a reputation for being a bit, well perhaps the 'Tube can indulge me:

You might not have noticed, but I substituted a Crosby clip with a Ric "Nature Boy" Flair special, the Old Man Flop.

Last night's incident with Marc Staal has all the classic features of a flop, but let's let the tape speak:

Lundqvist calls him on it, Drandon Bubinsky (just made that up a couple of weeks ago) calls him on it, and the Smurf Nation went wild.  I also went wild, only because I really, really hate divers.  In a huge way.  I'm also an enormous hypocrite:

In other words, I'm a little on my guard when I'm about to get upset about dives, because we all know Avery could match Crosby flop-for-flop.  Which sounds dirty.

Doesn't mean it isn't all completely ridiculous.  The sequel to Who Killed the Electric Car? should be Who Killed the Diving Penalty?


  1. That's quite a collection of video evidence, the crucial piece is Ric Flair's 'spit-before-the-flop' argument.

  2. That dive on the faceoff against the Habs was just atrocious. While Cindy has gotten better about diving as the years have gone by, last night was a great example of how he's still a baby.

  3. Anybody see Jokinen in that scrap? Looks like a buck-naked baby.

  4. Orangutan, Olli is an orangutan. Take notice of the red hair right before he does the full body wax.


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