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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Good Call, Bad Call: Steve Ott's Shootout Goal Against Detroit

Welcome to the inaugural installment of "Good Call, Bad Call," where we begin with civil discussion and end with threatening statements with little likelihood of coming to fruition (though I do know where a couple of them live).  So, without further ado, our first scenario, from tonight:

Steve Ott, in the simulated breakaways portion of the game, with a trickler that magically overcomes the status quo of "reasonable doubt" to switch from being a no-goal to a goal.

I think it's B.S., and I know Blog Cosby will support me because he eats pieces of shit like Steve Ott for breakfast.  The referee with his nose nearly in Jimmy Howard's nut-cup calls it a no-goal, it's a no-goal.  On the other hand, I don't like the Wings, so I might be inclined to support anything that makes Babbycock snivel, but sometimes you have to be too good for that.  Take a look, have at it in the comments.


  1. Blog Cosby eats pieces of shit for breakfast?!

  2. Until someone shows me how this reversal benefits the Penguins while simultaneously harming the Phlyers, I disagree that this is a bad call. Only Pittsburgh gets undue benefits from referees, and everyone knows the referees are out to get Philadelphia at every turn.

  3. You do realize that there are Wings fans with extensive portfolios of evidence to support their claim the world doesn't want them to win. And this will certainly give them more fuel for the fire...

  4. In all actuality I think it may have been a goal. the reply we are shown (and the snapshot) show the puck on the line, but if you watch closely afterwards, Howard slightly lifts his glove again and it appears to me that it may have crossed there. However, I also think it should have never been under review since the ref was there and there didn't appear to be any good reason to review it.


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