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Friday, January 22, 2010

The Gaborik Incident

As kind of the Rangers fan in-residence here, I feel obligated to address the circumstances of last night's game.  In particular, I'm talking about the "fight" between Daniel Carcillo and Marian Gaborik, viewable here.

It has been a hot topic of debate, and anyone who had questions about how Torts felt about it had few doubts after the press conference.  It's not the first time Tortorella has had some "fun" with the press; no offense to Larry Brooks, but I think Torts was part-right about the whole getting "beat up at the bus stop" part.

As for the fight itself, I'm not going to get worked up about Carcillo's comment that he was "licking his chops" when he suspected Gaborik wanted to fight him.  I don't suspect pre-meditation.  But there is another point that bugs me, and that is the notion that Gaborik dropped his gloves first, something that Flyers coach Peter Laviolette suggested.  Taking a closer look, there's something fishy about that hypothesis: first of all, when you're willing to drop the gloves and challenge someone, they come off together.  Gaborik's do not.  Why don't they come off together?

Because Carcillo pulled off Gaborik's first glove.

The idea that Gaborik threw down and paid the price is not how this scenario played out.  In the light shoving match between them, Carcillo could have just locked-up arms with Gaborik and they would have watched as the others tussled.  Instead, Gaborik loses his glove to Carcillo, and Carcillo used that to justify the rest of the fight.

The Puck Daddy article (linked above) makes a big deal about why no other Rangers stepped in at the time, and that's just as disturbing to me.  But everything moved so fast and far away from the other players that there would have been little opportunity to step in before Carcillo dispatched Gaborik.

Thankfully, it doesn't appear that Gaborik was hurt.  And I'd be more upset about the incident if Avery (who wasn't on the ice during the Gaborik fight) hadn't stepped in and had a good donnybrook with Carcillo later.  But the people who are contending that Gaborik brought it on himself need to check the tape.

And let's not be surprised to see some fireworks at the next Rangers-Flyers game.  I've heard Torts already has a sixer of Powerade set aside for the rematch.


  1. Pulled off his glove, eh? That's called revisionist history. Gaborik let his emotions impair his judgement, dropped his gloves first, and paid the price. Torts should have been yelling at Gaborik for being a knuckehead instead of yelling at everyone else he could find.

    Also, my guess would be that Avery took on Carcillo more to redeem himself from the beating that Hartnell laid on him earlier -- and less to defend Gaborik.

  2. But I was looking at it for the first time...

  3. As for Avery, Carcillo was an interesting choice since, as a left wing, Avery would have been playing on Laperriere's side of the ice. He would have had to ignore Laperriere and his urge for "redemption," in order to get Carcillo when he got close. Now why would he do a thing like that?

  4. I take that say that Gaborik didn't want to fight is revisionist (I can't know that). But there's no lying about Carcillo pulling the glove off. It's right there; have a look.

  5. The whole thing is ridiculous. so Girly Gabby lost a glove and had to go fetal. That sort of stuff happens in hockey and you have to be ready for it. The glove could have gotten caught by accident in all the nipple twisting that was going on, and as soon as a glove falls, the rest go with it. It's not like Gaborik didn't try to get a punch in, he just couldn't.

  6. And you know what, okay, I can understand that. But I just don't agree that Gaborik threw down his gloves and brought it on himself.

    The believers in honor code would consider it a violation.

  7. I agree the Gaborik wasn't looking for a fight, but he also didn't prevent a fight. He started to react to the situation and didn't follow through with it.

  8. True, but I'd like to see ANYBODY prevent a fight when Daniel Carcillo is facing them.

  9. Its unavoidable when encountering Daniel Carcillo. Just ask Matt Bradley.

  10. Yeah that's it, Carcillo pulled his gloves off. Good analysis bud.....


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