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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Can the Avalanche Get to the Cup?

Well over halfway through the season, the success of the Avalanche has been well publicized.  Most incredibly, the team has been bolstered by the play of baby-young talent, including Chris Stewart, Matt Duchene, and the 18-year old Ryan O'Reilly (true story: I played with a guy named Ryan Reilly; he was a bit less Irish, a bit more Hawaiian).  Craig Anderson, who three years ago looked like a lifer back-up goalie, or at most an AHL star, has become a legitimate NHL goaltender.  Paul Stastny and the finally-developed Wojtek Wolski have rounded out the emergence of this team, while, surprisingly, Milan Hejduk has not been the life-blood of the offense.  Can they bring this into the playoffs, and keep the momentum?  Or are they this year's Bruins and the Canadiens of two years ago?  Will Chris Stewart get a chance with that floozy, the Stanley Cup?

Don't be afraid to tear me a new one for lauding the flavor-of-the-week team...

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